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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reviving The Blog: Tales from a Single Girl in Miami

For the first time ever my best friend, Katie, and I are single at the same time. We've been best friends since high school, but have always been in relationships. Notably, she just got out of a 7 year relationship with a loser (but that's her story to tell), and last year I broke off my engagement with a guy that I dated for 5 years.

Now we're both in our twenties, professionals, single, and living on our own in different cities. We're both out there dating and have had some pretty great stories to tell each other.

Then came this great idea - we should blog. Yes, I know, everyone blogs. But I don't expect anyone to read this except Katie. I don't want to make this blog insightful or Disability Rights related. I don't. Disability Rights is my passion, my career, and is a large part of my life. I love it. But there's more to me and my life than that.

Quite frankly, I'm in my mid twenties on the dating scene and I want to remember these days so I'm going to write about them. Katie (who had the idea to blog in the first place) isn't so sure she wants to remember these days, but I'm keeping the faith and hoping she will blog about her experiences dating too because her stories are pretty hilarious.

So read my blog or don't, your choice. The following posts will most likely be filled with stories of dates gone wrong (maybe dates gone right?), lessons learned about being independent, and tips from a single girl in Miami (take them or leave them.)

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