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Monday, May 29, 2017

That Time I Held Myself Accountable for Completing My 30 Before 30

In order to ensure I complete my goals on my 30 before 30 list, I have decided to create a blog post where I will give monthly updates on my progress. If you see an area where I am slacking and you have suggestions on what I can do to complete them, feel free to tell me! I'm open to suggestions and help at all times! 

1. Take 30 pictures with 30 giant animals
5/6 – Picture with Spikes from the Red Wings at Clean Sweep after receiving the Silver Sweeper Award from Mayor Warren. 


2. Give 30 $30 tips on bills that are less than $30
5/19 – South Wedge Diner. Our waitress followed us because she thought I forgot my money on the table. When I told her that the money was her tip, she told my nieces “You’re auntie is so nice. You make sure to give her lots of hugs and kisses” to which my nieces responded “Aunt Steph doesn’t like hugs and kisses. We’re not allow to hug of kiss her.”

5/24 – Ice Cream Jubilee. The ice cream server was the nicest, happiest person I have encountered in a very long time. She was super patient with me as I tasted EVERY flavor ice cream in the joint, told me that calories are just “flavor points” – the more calories a food has, the more flavor it has, so I should just be excited about lots of calories, and she even jumped in a selfie with me and Julia. I loved her and she 100% deserved the $30.

Doesn't she just look like the nicest person???
3. Find out if I have abs
Still have not been found.

4. Dress as a cat all day. Go in public.
No progress

5. Go on vacation alone.
I’ve been thinking about where to go, but beyond that, no progress.

6. Karaoke Jagged Edge/Rev Run’s “Let’s Get Married”
I have sang this in the office, rolling through airports, and at nightclubs whenever it comes on, but as for karaoke, not yet.

7. Try 30 different burgers and rate them. Bonus if I can get 30 different people to buy me the burgers.
5 of 30 burgers complete. See Burger Rating System and all rated burgers here. *notes burgers that have bonus points because others bought the burger for me.

4/22 – Lawful Waffle*
4/26 – 6 Buck Chuck*
5/2 – Southern Comfort Burger*
5/14 – Single Cheeseburger*
5/28 – Wall Street Burger

8. Unplug for an entire day.
No progress. But I did go on a women’s retreat with ladies from my church where I looked at my phone a lot less than usual and didn’t watch any T.V. So it was like practicing for the real Unplug day!

9. Give 30 things away.
4/24 – Gave away a book bag filled with stuff to a person on the street.
4/25 – Gave away a bag of clothes to a coworker.
5/7 – Gave away a bag of clothes to our church collection for refugees.
5/21 – Gave another bag of clothes away to our church collection for refugees.

10. Spend a whole weekend with my mom
No progress.

11. Bake something without a mix
No Progress.

12. Pay off 3 big debts
5/1 – (1). Finished paying off my manual wheelchair! I got the chair in October and have been paying off the bill of over $2500 ever since then (that was just my copay…).

13. Do a headstand
No progress. Need more zen. And balance.

14. Keep a plant alive for 6 months.
5/1 - I have begun asking people what kinds of plants can last with minimal care/an irresponsible plant mom. Some ladies on my church retreat suggested I try a spider plant or an air plant. An air plant apparently just lives on air and this sounds very appealing to me. No plant has been adopted yet.

5/7 – Bought a Banzai tree and named him Fernando. I picked him because he looks resilient and hearty. Plus he came with a stone that says peace, so maybe that will help me to find zen. Anyway, so far he hasn’t died. He looks tough and I think he can handle my neglect. 

5/29 – Fernando is still alive.

Fernando going strong. 
15. Build something.
No progress.

16. Go to a bar alone.
5/10 – I tried to semi do this. I was going to meet Katie out, but she had a meeting she needed to go to, so I figured I would go to the bar early and wait for her and that would count as being alone. For about 20 minutes I sat in my car hesitating. Finally, I got out, rolled to the bar, and when I got inside I found out there was a step to get up to the bar. What the fuck. So basically, this has not been accomplished.   

17. Take a class on something creative, like cooking or knitting.
No progress.

18. Learn a new skill and show it off on my 30th Birthday!
No progress.

19. Complete 30 acts of kindness to show my appreciation for others
5/8 – (1). My coworker Mary works ridiculously hard and is a wonderful coworker and friend. I found out she’s been watching Netflix on her tablet because she didn’t know how to make it go to her T.V. I felt that Mary worked way too hard to not be able to go home and binge watch trashy tv on her actual television, so I bought her a Chromecast to show my appreciation for all that she does and to help her relax when she finally does get away from work.

5/10 & 5/11 – (2) & (3). I regularly collaborate with two people in the City of Rochester to help make Rochester a more accessible and welcoming city for disabled people. We always joke that I’m part of the City’s team and that we need matching outfits. To show them how much I appreciate them both as humans and as advocates for the Disability Community within the City’s Administration, I got them both really cute mugs with the Rochester flower that say “Home.” I got myself one too so that we can have matching cups and show we’re all on the same team J Bonus: these babies are made by a crafty lady I go to church with and can be found here
Check out this super cute mug!!

20. Throw a dinner party.
No progress.

21. Go to a country that I’ve never been to.
No progress.

22. Get a facial.
No progress.

23. Learn how to change a tire.
No progress.

24. Buy a crop top. Wear it in public. - MISSION COMPLETED!  

5/17 – After telling some of our ADAPT teens about this goal, one of them gave me a crop top and told me to wear it during our party on our last night in D.C. I hesitantly wore it around the hotel and my ADAPT family. This was a good practice run, but I don’t think it counts as actually wearing it in public.

5/26 – I took the crop top that I borrowed from a teenager to Atlantic City with me. I wore it the first day we were there for the entire evening and night. I strolled along the boardwalk in it, I ate Mexican in it, and I danced at an 80’s club in it. I didn’t feel one bit insecure. I’m really happy I made this a goal and accomplished it so quickly. I thought I would be super insecure about this and look terrible, but I felt great and might even get my own crop top after I return this one to its rightful owner.  

Rockin a crop top. 
25. Cook a meal without a recipe and buy all the ingredients myself.
No progress.

26. Learn to meditate without falling asleep.
No progress.

27. Help someone else check off something on their list.
No progress.

28. Make a list of 1095 things I am grateful for (or 3 things per day for 365 days!).
Lots of Progress!

29. Go on an incredible 30th birthday best friend vacation.
No progress.

30. Throw a fabulous 30th birthday party!
No progress.  

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