Sometimes I think my life is funny.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

That Time I Took 30 pictures with 30 giant animals before I turned 30

1. May 6, 2017: Spikes from the Red Wings, Rochester, NY 

I think it's fair to say any bird that is over 6 feet tall is a giant animal. 

2. July 2, 2017: A unicorn/Pegasus thing, Ari & Ruti's Wedding

Listen, I know this might be a stretch because it's fictional animal, but in reality, it could just be extinct. Also, anything large enough to fit me and Ari in it should count as "giant."  

3. July 23, 2017: A Camel, I think. Chinatown, Washington, D.C. 

I don't know what this is, but I know I liked it.

4. Aug. 24, 2017: Marble-like Horse, Public Safety Building, Roch. NY

I got to see this guy every time I went to court for protesting at the Monroe County Republican Headquarters. Now that I've paid my fine and completed my community service hours, I don't get to see this guy anymore :(

5. Sept. 1, 2017: Galaxy Horse? RMSC, Rochester, NY

This horse was pretty chill, though I was surprised to find he's hallow. Should has suspected that I guess. 

6. Sept. 1, 2017: Giraffe, Rochester, NY 

While searching for a different horse, I saw this giraffe, so naturally I had to turn around and meet him. 

7. Sept 1, 2017: Big Weird Cat & Bird, Rochester, NY

Okay, so this cat & bird are not giant in comparison to the horses and giraffe, but they are definitely giant for a cat and a bird, so it counts. 

8. Sept. 1, 2017: T-Rex, Home Depot, Rochester, NY

After deciding to retire on the giant animal hunt for the day, I went to Home Depot to check out the Halloween decor. I found this T-Rex. He's 8 feet tall, which is not giant for a t-rex, but is giant in comparison to me. 

9. Sept. 6, 2017: Hairstyling Kangaroo, Rochester, NY 

After an airline broke my chair (possibly Delta this time?) I took my chair to Monroe Wheelchair for repair. On my way out I saw this fancy kangaroo in front of another business. Obviously I turned the car around to meet her. 

10. Sept. 9, 2017: Rainbow Glass Octopus/Squid? Boston, MA

I found this create at the convention center in South Boston. I'm not sure if he is giant in comparison to his real life counter part (and I don't actually know if he's an octopus or a squid because, well, I'm not that smart). He seemed big enough to me, so he's on the list.

At this point, I need 20 more giant animals in six months. If you know where I can find one, or if you'd like to go on a giant animal adventure with me, please let me know.